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Address: MZ FOOD PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED Opp.Kanjari Bus Stop, Anand Nadiad Road, Kanjari 387325, Ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda, Gujarat, India

Tiku Snacks Process


Food Processing Lifecycle at Sancks Unit

Process of Market Research for Tiku Snacks Processing Plan

Market Research

We carry out comprehensive research to come up with food items that are thoroughly tried and tested for you to indulge.

Process of Recipe Development for Tiku Snacks Processing Equipment

Recipe Development

Provided with the best recipe developers in the industry, we create food items that are a blessing to your mouth as well as your body.

Process of Ingredients sourced - QC check for Tiku Snacks Processing Unit

Ingredients sourced – QC Check

We make sure that the highest quality ingredients are procured from the best available source.

Process of QC testing - Food Labs Testing for Tiku Snacks Processing Industry in Gujarat

QC Testing – Food Labs Testing

We carry out lab tests for our food items to assess their quality and safety and get you crisp and fresh food.

Process of Batches Produced for Tiku Snacks Production Process

Batches Produced

The items that we manufacture are all identical to each other being mass-produced with the help of batch production.

Process of QC Reports for Tiku Food Processing Lifecycle

QC Reports

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Process of Packaging & QC for Tiku Snacks Processing Plan

Packaging & QC

All the items are evenly packed with no holes in it to confirm the crispness and freshness of all our products while it is in the Snacks Processing Unit. The Quality Checks performed after the packaging make sure the products are standardized and that no external elements such as machine parts, etc. make it to the packets of our food products.

Process of Distributor for Tiku Snacks Processing Equipment


After we are done with the quality assurance as a part of the Food Processing Lifecycle, the products go in the hands of the distributor. To become one of our team as distributors please Send a Request Now!