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Tiku Snacks | Tiku Ratlami Sev | 400gm

Tiku Ratlami Sev

Is something missing on your plate of poha? Then add some Tiku Ratlami Sev, an onion and season with lemon. Enhance your dish with Tiku Ratlami Sev and you would thank us for this combination.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Bikaneri Sev | 400gm

Tiku Bikaneri Sev

Bikaneri sev can never be enough for anyone. It is better to buy more Bikaneri Sev than you require because Tiku Bikaneri Sev is something that you would not want to share. Try the specialty and essence of Bikaner, our very own preparation - Tiku Bikaneri Sev.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Aloo Sev | 400gm

Tiku Aloo Sev

Aloo sev is everyone’s guilty pleasure, you can have it while watching TV or even while studying. Lighten up your mood with our savoury Tiku Aloo Sev. When you want to have something interesting, Tiku Aloo Sev is the answer.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Chana Dal | 400gm

Tiku Chana Dal

Who doesn’t like a healthy snack instead of binging on unhealthy items. Make a savoury chaat using our Tiku Chana dal with raw mango and some vegetables of your choice.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Moong Dal | 400gm

Tiku Moong Dal

Want to be amazed with the perfection of a snack? Create an ideal evening snack with our Tiku Moong Dal, dry cake and Masala chai. You’ll love it so much that it will become your regular thing.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Chana Jor Garam | 400gm

Tiku Chana Jor Garam

Is it your break time already? Indulge in our savoury Tiku Chana Jor Garam. Prepare a chaat using our chana jor garam along with some chopped onion and tomatoes, then season it with lemon and coriander. You’re all set with your healthy snack.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Sing Bhujiya | 400gm

Tiku Sing Bhujiya

Bored with the usual snacks with your drinks and want something interesting for your cocktail party? Prepare a peanut chaat using our Tiku Sing Bhujiya for your guests. It will rock your party.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Farali Chevda Mitha | 400gm

Tiku Farali Chevda Mitha

One who has a sweet tooth but also enjoys savoury food items, should definitely try our Tiku Farali Chevda Mitha from our Farali range. Usually eaten during fasting but can also be enjoyed otherwise.

tiku farali chevda tikha 400 grams packet

Tiku Farali Chevda Tikha

Bored with the usual bland food during fasting days and want to have something spicy instead? Then try our Tiku Farali Chevda Tikha from our Farali range. It can be taken with chai or on its own.

tiku sev mamra 400 grams packet

Tiku Sev Mamra

Feeling bloated and want to have a very light snack? Try our Tiku Sev Mamra. It is loved by every kid because of its simple taste. You can even use our Sev Mamra to prepare an instant bhel mix with chopped vegetables and chutneys.

tiku masala sev mamra 400 grams packet

Tiku Masala Sev Mamra

People who like pungent, spicy flavour, they should definitely try our Tiku Masala Sev Mamra which comes with a hint of garlic. Masala mamra can be enjoyed on its own, it doesn’t need anything to compliment it.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Bikaneri Ganthiya | 400gm

Tiku Bhavnagari Ganthiya

Tiku Bhavnagari Gathiya/Ganthiya offers you its simplicity with flavours of carom seeds and cumin seeds. Have our Bhavnagari Gathiya/Ganthiya with green chutney and kadak chai, it will delight your taste buds.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Indori Mix | 400gm

Tiku Indori Mix

Treat yourself with our Tiku Indori Mix. You don’t need anything along with it to enjoy. Take a break to have something interesting. With appropriate amounts of peanuts and ganthiyas, Tiku Indori Mix brings you the essence of Indore.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Khatta Mitha Mix | 400gm

Tiku Khatta Mitha Mix

Craving something in between the meals but cannot decide what to have savoury or sweet? We have the best possible combination of both these flavours - Tiku Khatta Mitha Mix.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Nadiadi Mix | 400gm

Tiku Nadiadi Mix

We bring you the authentic taste of Nadiad in the form of a savoury mix called Tiku Nadiadi Mix. The essence of Nadiad, comes stuffed in a small packet for you to enjoy during the tea time.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Bhel Mix | 400gm

Tiku Bhel Mix

You’ll love our ready to eat Tiku Bhel Mix for an evening snack. Just add some chopped onion and chutneys to complete the dish. Your fulfilling and delicious snack will be ready in no time. Or you can have it plain anytime anywhere without the fuss.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Papad Chavanu | 400gm

Tiku Papad Chavanu

Overdosed on sweets, have our Papad Chavanu to balance your taste. You can have it with Masala Chai or can be enjoyed on its own because it tastes that good.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Sev Mamra | 400gm

Tiku Jeera Puri

The simple taste of Tiku Jeera Puri will not fail to amaze you with its sole flavour of jeera. You can either make a delicious chaat or spicy sev puri using our Tiku Jeera Puri.

Tiku Snacks | Tiku Methi Puri | 400gm

Tiku Methi Puri

Missing thepla? Have Tiku Methi Puri which gives you the flavour of thepla with added crunch. It is filled with the goodness of fenugreek leaves and Indian spices. Can be enjoyed on a winter morning with Adrak chai.